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That Old Two Roads Diverging In The Woods Story

Perhaps it's not such a hard choice after all ...

So you see these two roads

Paths –

Tracks –

How ever it is your inner eye chooses to visualize them.

They may be roughly similar or they might be vastly different. Either way, you are the one that has to choose — you and no one else.

Oh, you can ask for advice and when you do, it could come thick and fast. We humans love to give advice, dispensing wisdom like confetti, if it’s not our own lives that are affected. And you might also receive unasked for advice, from say a parent, spouse or parent-in-law, (see how I kept that gender neutral)!

The trouble with advice is that everyone has differing opinions, each has his own point of view, regurgitated from various incidents from their own lives and coloured by their own preferences and prejudices. So why ask? And crucially, why pay any attention? (Hint: don’t).

So what are the alternatives? You could always listen to that still, small voice inside, the one that seems to have all the answers. The one that you can hear through meditation, on a long, slow, quiet country walk. Or when you first wake up in the morning, or just as you are drifting off at night time. When you’re driving. In the shower (hint: don’t bring pen and paper in the shower with you). Any time when the monkey-mind has settled down.

Or you could take a different approach. Decide that whichever path you take, the journey is going to be magnificent. The reason being that you are going to be taking yourself with you. And who you are is a magical creature, spilling over with ideas and firing with joy on all cylinders.

So whether lined with dense undergrowth or clear and arching upwards, it doesn’t matter which path you take because you’re fully aligned with yourself.