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Six Reasons why Dogs are Better than Humans

Although everyone already knows they are ...

  1. They don’t talk

Doctor Doolittle may have wanted to talk to the animals, I, however, do not. The fact that they’re so quiet is what makes them such ideal companions. They don’t interrupt your train of thought. They don’t make irritating requests in the middle of your favorite TV show. And they don’t wreck your buzz when you share with them your latest stupendous idea.

2. They don’t care what you look like

Haven’t washed in three days? They don’t mind. In fact, it makes you smell all the more interesting. You’ve put on ten pounds? Happy days. More of you to love and all the more reason for you to bring them out on weight shedding walks.

3. They are furry

And this makes them infinitely cuddly. Not like us baldy humans with our knobbly bits. It also makes them warm. I love to use my Labrador’s silky ears as hand warmers on cold nights. Highly recommended if you have a floppy eared dog of your own. Let your dog be your teddy bear come to life.

4. They bark at pesky strangers

What better way to get rid of canvassing politicians at election time? Or zealot religious types with mad, staring eyes. If you’re lucky, they might even chase them! Now what partner, no matter how loyal would do that for you?

5. They poop in your horrible neighbor’s back garden

They instinctively know which patch of ground to choose as their designated toilet, leaving behind their fragrant offerings , proud and unconcerned, head and tail aloft. Again, no partner, no matter how well trained, would perform such a service for you.

6. They love you unconditionally

You may have had PMS for the last month. Your house may be a mess, your business down the toilet or your relationship up the swanee.

Your dog respectfully Does. Not. Care.

Your dog thinks you are great, no matter what. It’s like he sees past all the surface junk to the sweet and true essence underneath. He shows you what you truly are, what you’re destined to be, when you love yourself unconditionally too, and finally start living up to your true, marvelous potential.