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How to Start a Day

And make it a good one

So what if today was different?

What if today you chose a higher path? To boldly go where you’ve never gone before.

Admit that you are wrong. Do something about it. Be the one to heal the pain and not the one to cause it. To start the conversation that needs to be started, instead of burying your deepest needs, so deeply that they fester.

This is what we don’t want.

What we want is to soar

To strap on those wings that have been folded up in the back of the closet for far too long. Strap them on tight. Get ready for a wild ride. Because now you’re moving in truth, integrity your by-word. You’re ready to pour out the poison, to let it sink harmlessly into the Earth. Never more to touch your lips or that of a loved one’s.

Set your intention to good: good food, good thoughts, good faith, good deeds, good vibrations.

Especially vibrations.

Let them radiate through you. Then outward to the rest of the world. As it lies in wait for your intention.

Your contribution.

Your treasure.

Your music.

Your grace.

Don’t let it die inside you. Do not squander. Spend it and it will grow. Increase, prosper, multiply.

Be the change you want to see.

Be the one that matters.

In your own life.