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The Map of Your Heart

And why it leads to the right destination

The map of the human heart has many tracks and trails.

I’ve been down so many of them — well worn paths.

Some are scenic routes, with marvels along the way.

Some are blind alleyways — dirty, dangerous places, where my heart has lain broken and bleeding.

But I had to go down. Had no choice in a way.

It’s how the heart learns. Tender and aching with longing. So full of wisdom yet so naive. It’s necessary to go. To take the road less traveled. Or some road, at least. Because to stay means a slow, lingering death. The heart withers, the soul atrophies, without this constant motion. It has to go on its quest. A constant quest to find itself . To get to the other side of its own delicious creation.

And when it gets there, what glories will it find? What sweetness? What elegance? Only to move on to its next ecstatic destination.

The destiny of the heart is not to stand still. A still heart means death. It has to keep beating. We have to keep beating — to keep the momentum going. In our own lives.

So find your own truth.

Scale your own Everest.

Reach your own North Pole.

It’s what you were made for.