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Move in the Direction of Who You Really Are

And not the way the rest of the world is pointing

Are you moving in the direction of who you really are?

Are you even moving at all?

Are you stuck in that same place that you’ve been in for so long, that sucks you in like sinking sand and prevents you from making progress?

You will know this from how you are feeling. From where you are on life’s crap-ometer. The worse you feel, the more stuck you are, the more you keep thinking those same old thoughts of gloom and unworthiness.

This drags you down even further. Now you are up to your neck in it. The feeling is so heavy.

You think you are being sensible, eminently logical. But you won’t get out of this pit by focusing on “reality”. What the world at large has taught you is by and large wrong.

You can only get out by looking at where you want to be. By exercising that weird and wonderful imagination of yours. By concentrating on your desires, by feeling your way in to them. What would if feel like to be so free, to float up like a balloon? That quick sand you thought was so real, to fade away into nothingness. You can kick you legs and you can move and instantly tell when you’re being dragged down again.

Like when you’re watching CNN.

Or when you’re focusing on what you don’t want.

When you’re talking to that person again, the one that sucks out all your energy and leaves you so deflated. They get on with their day, feeling so much better at your expense, while you can barely raise yourself from the chair.

The good news is you can pull yourself our of this quagmire.

You can throw yourself your own rope, you do not have to wait to be rescued. You are Cinderella, Prince Charming and The Fairy Godmother all rolled into one.

Begin to think more elevated thoughts. One thought after another, like stepping stones, gradually leading you to higher ground.

Treat yourself with kindness.

Know that you can’t save the world without saving yourself first.

Know that it is not your responsibility to save the world but simply to make yourself happy.

That by elevating yourself, you elevate all of us.

That by moving in the direction of who you really are, you take us all with you.

Closer still to that magical place of freedom and joy.