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I Know How T.S. Eliot Felt

But I don't know how he wrote like that ...

I know just how T.S. Eliot felt when he wrote down his words.

Not that my words are anything like his.

But I know the sacred combination of inspiration and application. How when you write about yourself, you write about every person under the sun. Writing provides that interconnection, for those of us who can find it a challenge to make a connection in ‘real life’.

We find our real life, our real, real, life on the page or on the screen. A realer life than we have ever known. It courses through us, along with the words that create their own independent universe — constellations on the nib of a pen or on the tips of our fingers. Rolling us to Eliot’s “overwhelming question”:

Oh do not ask “what is it?”, Let us go and make our visit.

(The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock)

Visit it today, that place deep inside, that place that is always there.

Your sacred place.

Calling you.