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I had always wanted to go to Iceland, (the country, not the supermarket chain specialising in frozen foods). Little did I know that, one day, I’d be flying there myself – as in on my very own set of wings… You see, Jalmari, evil lord of the Dark Fae, has transformed me into one of his faery minions. Can I escape his clutches and continue the task of fulfilling my magical destiny? Lucky for me, I have powerful friends, not to mention forces, to assist and protect me, which is just as well, because other even more lethal enemies are coming to the fore. Such as Dagda, The Lord of Great Knowledge – well, he thinks he knows everything anyway… who represents a significant threat to all of womankind. But I haven’t been given the O’Connor woman title for nothing. Those that try to thwart me and my new coven, do so at their peril, although this time around, we’re forced to call on the most unlikely of allies… Because sometimes, ladies, you just have to get into bed with the devil…

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