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The Wild Atlantic Witch, Book 2

When I was a child, Gran told me stories about changelings-creatures The Fae swapped for the human children they stole. How was I to know that not only were they real, but that I, in midlife, was about to meet one of them?
So, off I go on a quest to The Northern Lands in search of the stolen child, in the company of a Fae prince, two werewolves and one wise owl. Not your average summer holiday! Only to encounter all manner of obstacles on my path, the chief of these being Jalmari, evil Lord of The Dark Fae together with his army.
Can I prevail, with the assistance of The Valkyries, and continue on my quest to The Hill of Tara, via the ancient Great Highway? Claiming victory over The Queen of the Fae, the dastardly witch, Morrigan and Maeve, Queen of all Connacht, thereby finally claiming my destiny?