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Nature Writing for Wellbeing

Finding it hard to navigate your way through tough times? If so, allow the natural world to nurture you and soothe you.

Life can be hard. We sometimes feel overwhelmed by circumstances beyond our control. But nature is always there for us, as potent as it is free.

Tara Heavey is a best-selling author, seasoned teacher and lifelong nature lover. Using her own experience and deep understanding of the healing power of both writing and the natural world, she has hand-picked a series of exercises that are designed to guide you through challenging times. These exercises are set against a backdrop of lush nature writing and enhanced by a selection of inspiring and uplifting quotes.

Inside this conveniently sized book, you will discover:

•How to rekindle your innate connection with nature, and feel at home in the world once more
•How to re-ignite your creative spark and complete those projects you long to share with the world
•How to soothe yourself when outer forces threaten to overwhelm, thereby taking care of your mental and emotional health
•How to find a way back to your spiritual centre for times when you have been feeling knocked off course.

Re-discover your connection to nature with Tara’s guided journal today.

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