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Eating Peaches is a joy to read - warm, wise and deliciously funny. All in all, a real peach. If you're looking for the perfect summer read, look no further

Sarah Webb

There is nothing wild about Elena – every inch of her shiny blonde hair and tailored suits screams modern working woman. But all that is about to change, thanks to a man called Tyrone Power. He’s her boss and he’s about to offer her the promotion she’s always wanted, but there’s a catch: she has to set up a new office for him in his home town of sleepy Ballyknock. City Girl Elena is horrified – a full nine months in the back of beyond! Her Audi convertible will never take the wear and tear… With her career now in the doldrums and her love life with boyfriend Paul heading nowhere, will she stick it out? After all, there are compensations – the picturesque scenery, the relaxed pace of life, and the local publicans seven handsome sons…

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