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I am London born, to Irish parents, currently living in the heart of the Irish countryside. I adore to write and have done so from a very early age.  My first literary attempt was a re-working of Paddington Bear, which made its way onto the illustrious pages of  All Saint’s Senior School’s newsletter.  I then graduated to my first novel, aged around nine, about a young girl who emigrates to Australia, and has the good fortune to adopt an orphaned koala bear.  Alas, this never saw the light of day – never mind a middle section or an ending.

After a many and varied career, which encompassed chambermaiding in a posh London hotel, waitressing on two continents, a brief, inglorious stint in McDonald’s and trapping my fingers in the tills of several retail establishments, I made the bizarre decision to become a lawyer.  This didn’t last too long (although it felt like a long time!)   I then had the tremendous good fortune to secure a publishing deal and went on to have five novels traditionally published –‘A Brush with Love‘, ‘Eating Peaches‘, ‘Making It Up As I Go Along’, ‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’ (known as ‘Winter Bloom’ in the US) and ‘Where the Love Gets In’.   My sixth novel, ‘Flame’, represented my first foray into the heady and exciting world of Independent (“Indie”) publishing and I have also published my first non-fiction title, Nature Writing for Wellbeing-A Guided Journal for Challenging Times.

My latest project is a trilogy of novels set in the wild and windy west coast of Ireland, seat of my own ancestors, which I hope to grow into a series. It’s called The Wild Atlantic Witch and Book 1 is now available on Amazon.

And the rest, as they say, is still unwritten …